We provide profession evaluation, matching program and follow up service.

The first option that come to your mind when your loved ones need continuous medical care at home is to hire a foreign domestic helper. But you may be concerned that the helper lack medical care experiences and qualifications if you hire one from a helper employment agency, and that the employment agency may not be able to provide the appropriate support that you need through the service period.

Hence, Tenderheart Homecare is launched to provide you with services and tools to fulfil the needs of your loved ones.

We provide profession evaluation, matching program and
follow up service.

1. Caregiver Enquiry

2. Care Assessment

3. Caregiver Recommendation

4. Home Visit

During working visa processing

4. Report & Recommendation of Home Concern

5. Caregiver Start Work

Our consultants will provide you with a profession evaluation and matching of caregiver according to the personal needs of your elderly or patient. Our qualified caregiver will be briefed by our Tenderheart Angel team before she starts to work. This is to ensure she is well-aware of all the daily and medical needs of the elderly/patient.


Within a month after the caregiver starts work, our Tenderheart Angel will have a follow up visit to your home to ensure the both the caregiver and the elderly/patient are adjusting well.

Our profession employment services provide through comprehensive consultation services during the 2 years’ contract period.

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