Notes when you hire a foreign caregiver:

1.  A Foreign Caregiver working visa is applied using the   existing application of Foreign Domestic Helper working   visa from Hong Kong Immigration.
  1. Foreign caregiver’s duties is 1 to 1 basis to take care of the elderly/patient on his/her medical and daily needs at home.
  1. Basic salary of Foreign Caregiver starts at HKD5,800 and is based on her professional working experience. The agreed salary will be stated on the standard employment contract ID407.
  1. Both employer and employee (foreign caregiver) shall comply with the standard employment contract ID407 and adhere to all the Hong Kong labor ordinances for Foreign Domestic Helper.

i. Application for the working visa of foreign caregiver, will take approximately 3 to 6 months. (ie: 2 weeks for Consulate verification of contract, 2 months for Hong Kong Immigration, 1 to 2 months for departure arrangement from countries of origin.)
ii. Application for the working visa of foreign caregiver in Hong Kong, will take approximately 5 weeks (ie: 2 weeks for Consulate verification of contract and 3 weeks for Hong Kong Immigration)
(Please contact our consultant for further enquiry of application processing)


Successful candidates do not need to pay any commission including of 10% commission from the 1st month salary allowed under the Labour Law.


We will not be involved in any form of financial issue of the candidates either in their own countries or in Hong Kong.

Our Total Guarantee Plan

1. For overseas foreign caregiver (for category A) 
a. If the selected foreign caregiver failed to come Hong Kong due to any reasons, the Employer can choose another foreign caregiver with same category with no extra fee.

Replacement of oversea foreign caregiver:

  1. a. If overseas foreign caregiver is deemed not fit to work upon arrival to Hong Kong (based on the medical report issued by Hong Kong clinic or laboratory or pregnant or has infected of serious illness), the employer can replace a new candidate from the same category with no extra fee. The return air ticket back to their country of origin for the unfitted caregiver will be borne by the employment agency.
  2. b. If the overseas foreign caregiver worked for less than 6 months (from the date of arrival) and the employer requests to *terminate the contract and replace a new one. Employment agency will additional charge 70% for what they paid for the Tenderheart Home Care Service as a replacement charge.

For the first time of applying working visa and before approved by HK Immigration, if employer/client request to cancel this application for whatever reason, Employment agency commits to refund 60% of the service charge to employer/client.


For replacement processing upon application submitted to related Consulate or HK Immigration, if the caregiver fails to start work due to any reason, employer/client can choose another same category caregiver without any fee or refund back all the service charge. If employer/client requests to cancel this application due to any reason, Employment agency commits to refund 50% of the service charge to employer/client.

*terminate contract – employer/client shall follow all the compensation policy which complied with standard employment contract ID407 and HK labor ordinance. Employment agency will not respond to all the compensation for termination of contract.